Just Ride

At the start of 2018 I whole heartedly and solely identified as a triathlete. Fresh out of completing in my first half-iron-man (70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running), I felt as though I was breaking new ground in the sport. So, when I ventured out to Folsom to the, advertised ‘beginner friendly’, early birds clinic and practice race I had no idea I was on the road (pun intended) to becoming a cyclist. In the past I watched cycling races with wide eyed awe and would often remark, “I could never do that.” Little did I know that the races I found so intimidating would soon become a thrilling part of my year and my passion.

I experienced a lot of memorable races through out the year, especially my first win at Cat’s Hill Classic and my second win at Wente Road Race (the next day!). I discovered a love for sprinting and found joy in road races and criterium races alike. I felt support from my team mates, friends and loves ones as they watched my excitement and enthusiasm for the sport grow. With each success I found myself eager to share with team mates what they did to contribute to my race and I developed a deep gratitude for the importance of team work in this sport, even at our amateur level.

Now midway into the 2019 season, I have fully embraced my new identity as a cyclist. I feel that my experience in this sport and my membership on the Revolution Racing powered by JLVELO women’s cycling team is beginning an exciting chapter of my endurance career. I look forward to pushing myself towards new levels as an individual athlete as well as a contributor to the team that brings me so much joy and encouragement.


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