When I need to escape the rain or when there isn’t enough daylight left, I turn to biking indoors. Many cyclists and triathletes use trainers or rollers, equipment that allows you to use your own road (or tri) bike in the indoor setting. Since last winter I’ve been using an upgraded “smart” trainer (Kickr power trainer), but if you have a cyclops and are riding on a budget check out this guy’s youtube: Zwift on a Budget . So the trainer (or accompanying equipment) is what will “pair” with a really nifty app called Zwift! (note: you’ll need an Ant+ stick )

If you are serious about getting in quality rides while indoors and you find solo trainer workouts a total bore, I HIGHLY recommend this app. Here are the basics:

  • You can just “ride” and find other groups of people, discover integrated sprint and climbing segments, and generally enjoy the stimulating scenery
  • You can follow a pre-made workout or even design your own if you have a specific goal or are more motivated by structure
  • Zwift gives you useful data to measure your intensity including: Power, Heart Rate, Cadence, Speed, and Mileage; it’s right there on the screen!
  • There is even a social component where you can actually message with other virtual riders; people doing the same thing you are, LITERALLY all over the world (I even ran into an old team mate on Zwift while he was in Colorado and I was here in California!)
  • Similar to Strava, Zwift will track your progress and reward you (in videogame fashion) for PR’s and Records (For example if you are the fastest on a particular segment you get to wear the champion jersey for all other riders to see — that is until someone else beats you!)
  • This app also links to Strava very easily so that your workout data is immediately uploaded (for all of you fellow Strava junkies)

So if you are in training season like me and don’t the drabby weather to deter your race season preparation, I really implore you to give this app a try! Here’s a teaser ad if you want to learn more: Check it Out!

Already a “Zwifter” ?  What do you think ?

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