Swim Bike Run. Repeat.

img_8040How does that saying go… Why be good at one sport, when you can be mediocre at three? Well as much as it may pain me to say so — there’s some truth to it. It is very challenging to balance three sports. That said I am trying to do just that as a way of maintaining a healthy and fitness-filled life as well as training towards 2 big goals for the upcoming year:

  1. Qualify for AND compete at Age Group Nationals in 2017*
  2. Train for and compete in my first 70.3 (considering Santa Cruz 70.3)

Age Group Nationals will be hosted in none other than (drumroll please….) Omaha Nebraska. While I have many places I have wanted to visit before Nebraska, I am VERY excited to note that Athletes who compete well in Omaha stand a chance to qualify for Team USA and race at ITU Worlds in …….. AUSTRALIA !!! (in 2018) Now that is something to swim in the rain for!! Okay so I don’t now how likely it is that I can qualify, BUT I figure it is only October now and I’m already putting in a decent base. So if I keep it up; I could actually be pretty fit by the time August rolls around!!

So that’s goal numero uno; priority number ONE! That said, I would also like to break a new barrier in my triathlon career with my first ever long-course triathlon. Hence goal no. 2 – First 70.3 . So my thought process behind Santa Cruz specifically is that I will already have really strong fitness from preparing for AGN in August. So come September I should be rearing to go for my next big goal!

About 2 months ago I began more consistently training as well as logging my workouts. Moving forward I plan to share my workout plans as well in an effort to connect with fellow athletes with the same/similar goals.

*While I did qualify for AG Nats this year (2016– at Half Moon Bay Olympic Tri in April) I was unable to compete due to a bad car accident and subsequent recovery needed in June. So when August rolled around I waved at the race I had built up in my mind as it passed by. Sigh. I was sad, but just reminded myself, “There’s always next year!”

Also, I’ll just put this here:

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

-Nelson Mandela


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